Studio Servidio has gained extensive experience in the UK since the 80s.

Studio Servidio has provided advice to multinational to open production units in the United Kingdom and for the acquisition of industrial heritage brands and apparel industry both by Italian and English companies.

The Real estate development that took London in recent years has enabled Studio Servidio to be known and appreciated by professionals and British companies in the sector as a valid interlocutor on behalf of Italian investors.

The continuous attendance also at trade show, art exhibitions and cultural and scientific conferences has strengthened relations and the vocation to develop professional relationships and business.

In 2016 it was decided to set up Studio Servidio IK Ltd, based in 99-101 Regent Street, in the heart of London, with a qualified team of UK accountants (chartered accountants).

The Studio is mainly engaged in the establishment and management of UK companies, cross-border corporate transactions, M & A operations, due diligence, real estate investments and about all aspects of taxation for UK residents in Italy.

For its British customers the Studio has followed complex practices of acquisition of properties in Italy as well as inheritance and donation in which the residents involved were both in the UK and Italy and assets located in the two states.